The 173 ways you can overlap four circles - Image

Was recently watching this Numberphile video, and as they showed How many ways can circles overlap? I thought that it looked really cool and went to search for it online. Sadly the only image I could find was the low resolution image that they used on the poster they sell, so I captured the video and upscaled the image to get it as best as I could.

So, here's the image!

173 ways you can overlap four circles

And the full 18MP link:

No infringement was intended, feel free to leave a comment.

Besides using this as a wallpaper, help Numberphile by buying their poster.

I'm not affiliated to them in any way, just a fan of the channel.


  1. Hey, thanks for your work, unfortunately i cant download the full resolution image, just a 1024×400 version. Am I doing anything wrong? Greetings from Germany

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