­čö┤Roll for the Twister Game, online and in Portuguese!

I made the site today https://twisterspin.online, which is a remake of a site that was done about 5 or 6 years ago by a friend losing her Twister roulette (Buy here). Which is something I believe to be very common, besides happening to ruining roulette over time. Since that day I needed it again, and lost the old site, I decided to redo it.

The site is very simple and works well on mobile, without installing any application. Just click on Raffle! and check what came out!

It is also a great option for those who make their own game at home, which then would not have to do the roulette (and not to lose a website haha).

In addition, it still has the version in English, which can be a good way to exercise colors and body parts for those who want to learn!

How to make a Twister rug?

If you don't have the game, check out how to do it from home:

Due to the simplicity of the tool (check out the source code here), I did the whole project in less than three hours (research, development, domain and deploy).

If you are interested in programming, check out on here other web development projects and content!

I wonder if I will have copyright issues for using the name Twister, but only time will tell. I hope to bring traffic to the site and improve it as soon as possible. I also hope that the launch of the Twister game in the dark bring more hits soon.

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