The cheapest way to host multiple sites (ServerPilot + Digital Ocean)

I currently have 22 websites online (including this own), with a monthly cost of 10 dollars (around 40 reais).

This is not possible on shared hosting like Hostgator or Umbler (which I use for email).

As I have a good knowledge of Linux, the Digital ocean (in this link you get 100 dollars credit card) is and always has been a great option, having great and extremely reliable VPSs. Besides the very low cost, and you can do whatever you want with them. I've even used it as a TeamSpeak server, for example.

Currently with my setup, I have a cost of about 2 reais per site, and with time off. Of course, considering they aren't giant sites, but if they do grow, a server upgrade in Digital Ocean is done with a few clicks.

Server configuration can be done manually, or with a manager such as ServerPilot ($ 10 credit on this link). It costs $ 10 a month, but it's worth a look at the current plans.

I highly recommend it because it is extremely easy to get a new application to run, especially if you use WordPress.

New site up in seconds

It also has a dashboard to help with performance diagnostics.

Relying on cache plugins, you can easily have dozens of sites with thousands of hits. All this with just a $ 5 VPS, no problem at all.

There are alternatives to ServerPilot, such as, but I never got to test.

I am available to answer any questions about the services, your comment is welcome!

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