Danoninho ice is back! Remember?


The truth is that as long as I can remember, the ads say that Danoninho Ice came back. Perhaps because it is a seasonal summer product, they always warn that he has returned. I don't know if there is no product launch advertising, and the first one said it came back, because in the previous year it had already existed, but with less marketing.

Unfortunately, I could not find more information about the origin of Danoninho Ice, its release year and the like, thank you for any information!

Not for that I stopped going after the advertisements that I remember (or not so much)! check out

Just for the little peace…

In addition to the video above, there is this other “original” or older ad I found:

Danoninho presents

Danoninho Ice. Do you already know the news?
Look who's back: Danoninho Ice has arrived, the one that turns into ice cream!
And it is very easy to do:
Just trim the peace, put in the freezer and the ice cream is ready!
Would you like? Danoninho Ice returned with ingredients just right and in the shape of ice cream. Run, if not melt.

The video version above is an alternate version entitled Little cabin, but follows the original line!

Ionian Rain Rain

In this version, they followed the same proposal, but without the theme of ice and igloos, check out:

Danoninho Ice Around the World.

Already in 2016, Danone presents a new advertisement. Take a look:

With thematic sticks from different countries, the new product follows the line of the old one, but with this “cultural” touch.


The reason I wrote this post was from what is currently the most accessed post on my blog, which is one about overlay columns in Bootstrap 4.

In this post, citing an example solution, I wrote an excerpt that was currently in my head, which was precisely that propaganda. Because of this, this post caused some people to parachute on it, looking for Danoninho Ice, which has little information on the internet, so I decided to make this post dedicated to the subject. Ah! The image child is a random Alaskan child, as I found no image of Danoninho Ice without copyright.

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