How to change ctrl + tab behavior in Atom

By default Atom switches to the most recently used tab when using ctrl + tab, which can be confusing, and especially frustrating for those who are already used to switching behavior by tab order.

One shortcut that has the desired behavior is the ctrl + Pg Up  and Pg down, so by analyzing the keybindings, we can update our keymap.cson (which can be accessed from 'File' -> 'Keymap…')with the following values:

'body': 'ctrl-tab ^ ctrl': 'unset!' 'ctrl-shift-tab ^ ctrl': 'unset!' 'ctrl-tab': 'pane: show-next-item' 'ctrl-shift-tab': 'pane: show-previous-item'

That is, we disable the default behavior, and set the desired one.

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