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How to use navigator.sendBeacon with PHP 7

Recently I needed to send a request on the unload of a page (save where the user left), and regular POST requests via js aren't a very good option due to either hanging the browser

GULP 4 + Browser-Sync + gulp-connect-php

Simple gulpfile.js for local PHP server development with autoreload. Posting it here since I couldn't find a ready solution for Gulp 4, feel free to ask any questions. Photo by Kobu Agency on Unsplash

PHP Blade beautifier

I couldn't find a proper one online, but solves the problem. It considers the PHP part as text, not counting in the indentation, which has the result of outputting HTML with the proper indentation,

rede de backlinks

The Importance of Context in SEO Links

Everyone knows that Google is getting smarter every day. A backlink storm still works, but it will work much better in a context that makes sense (in the absence of the desired organic link). THE

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