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Review LojaDropshipping (Venda10) – Review honesto.

I've been working with the web for a few years now, dropshipping out there is way behind, and some would say here too, but I ended up trying out LojaDropshipping. In the search for “passive” sources of income, I ended up falling

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The Importance of Context in SEO Links

Everyone knows that Google is getting smarter every day. A backlink storm still works, but it will work much better in a context that makes sense (in the absence of the desired organic link). THE

'Supergeneric' CSS

Quick post with a basic CSS file that applies changes that I think should be defaults (or nearly so) in CSS. The rules are meant to apply to html elements without classes

Why I don't pay for online courses

I don't pay, nor have I ever paid for online courses, maybe I'm missing something, but here I explain why I don't think they're worth it. Remembering that I write guided by my experience in the middle of technology, and not

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RD Station via Javascript

If you want to manually send data to RD Station via Javascript, a simple way is to use the integration script that has its own submission method, simplifying the process and making it unnecessary to

Content as a Medium in Digital Marketing

I started this blog as a diary / experiment, being involved in digital marketing, and consequently content marketing, with companies like Digital Results, Clint, and Ahto, I have had a lot of contact with many facets of marketing,

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