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Aprenda Power BI – Review do curso online

Não sou muito fã de cursos online, já digo isso a algum tempo. Como alguém que já aprendeu através de faculdade, por conta própria e por cursos online, a maior diferença que vejo é a

Review LojaDropshipping (Venda10) – Review honesto.

I've been working with the web for a few years now, dropshipping out there is way behind, and some would say here too, but I ended up trying out LojaDropshipping. In the search for “passive” sources of income, I ended up falling

GULP 4 + Browser-Sync + gulp-connect-php

Simple gulpfile.js for local PHP server development with autoreload. Posting it here since I couldn't find a ready solution for Gulp 4, feel free to ask any questions. Photo by Kobu Agency on Unsplash

A primeira foto de um buraco negro

High resolution black hole image (4k)

Official 4k image link (can be used as your mobile wallpaper or wallpaper): Official RAW photo link (.tif): Download Mirrors: What It Is

PHP Blade beautifier

I couldn't find a proper one online, but solves the problem. It considers the PHP part as text, not counting in the indentation, which has the result of outputting HTML with the proper indentation,

Danoninho ice voltou!

Danoninho ice is back! Remember?

The truth is that as long as I can remember, the ads say that Danoninho Ice is back. Perhaps because it is a seasonal summer product, they always warn that he has returned. I don't know if not

rede de backlinks

The Importance of Context in SEO Links

Everyone knows that Google is getting smarter every day. A backlink storm still works, but it will work much better in a context that makes sense (in the absence of the desired organic link). THE

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