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Finasteride, minoxidil and results

Following the post on June 28th, trying to look more closely at the results, I noticed some new strands taking color, I found it curious, it was really a surprise (at least for someone pessimistic like me). Beyond

Garrafas em um bar

One more remark about alcohol and finasteride

I have seen more expressively the side effects of finasteride (not just those reported below on alcohol). Following the theme of the previous post: I had a few glasses of wine this Saturday and I notice a significant reduction in


I noticed small, almost colorless strands in the (default) region of androgenetic alopecia. I can't tell if they already existed, I'll start paying more attention from now on, but I'd guess it was a result of minoxidil. On the Internet

Day 0

Finasteride (1mg) + Minoxidil 

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