Aprenda Power BI – Review do curso online

Não sou muito fã de cursos online, já digo isso a algum tempo. Como alguém que já aprendeu através de faculdade, por conta própria e por cursos online, a maior diferença que vejo é a

How to use navigator.sendBeacon with PHP 7

Recently I needed to send a request on the unload of a page (save where the user left), and regular POST requests via js aren't a very good option due to either hanging the browser

Review LojaDropshipping

LojaDropshipping.com (Venda10) – Review honesto.

I've been working with the web for a few years now, dropshipping out there is way behind, and some would say here too, but I ended up trying out LojaDropshipping. In the search for “passive” sources of income, I ended up falling

GULP 4 + Browser-Sync + gulp-connect-php

Simple gulpfile.js for local PHP server development with autoreload. Posting it here since I couldn't find a ready solution for Gulp 4, feel free to ask any questions. Photo by Kobu Agency on Unsplash

viena austria neve

Place Review: Austria (Vienna)

This review will be one of the smallest here on the blog, because when I went to Austria, I forgot my wallet at home. See if anyone can do such a silly thing. I took a train in Hungary, more precisely in

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