How to simulate a 12 column grid in page (WordPress page builders friendly)

12 columns in elementor

Recently while developing a website in WordPress using Elementor, I needed to replicate the 12 columns the designer used in Adobe XD to create the layout, so to ease development I created an overlay with 12 columns to help me check the alignment and positioning of the items, check it out! The above code creates … Read more (Venda10) – Review honesto.

Review LojaDropshipping

Trabalho com web há alguns anos, dropshipping la fora já tá bem para trás, e alguns diriam que aqui também, mas acabei resolvendo experimentar o LojaDropshipping. Na busca de fontes de renda “passivas”, acabei caindo como alvo das propagandas deles. Dei uma olhada nos produtos (me capturaram como lead para isso), e entraram em contato. … Read more

Place Review: Austria (Vienna)

viena austria neve

This review will be one of the smallest here on the blog, because when I went to Austria, I forgot my wallet at home. See if anyone can do such a silly thing. I took a train in Hungary, more precisely in Debrecen, with a train exchange in Budapest, if my memory serves me. Between Debrecen and Budapest… Read more